How to Create an Amazon Product Page That Sells! (without breaking the rules!)

Learn How to Get Your Product Page Ranked #1 in Amazon Search and Convert More Sales, All Without Breaking Amazon’s Rules!
lisa_suttora6July 21st, 2024

From: Lisa Suttora, Amazon Marketing Strategist

Dear Amazon Merchant,

Imagine for a moment, you owned a brick-and-mortar store…

  • One of your employees was a fantastic salesperson. Engaging, knowledgeable and friendly, almost every customer they helped left happily with a purchase.
  • The second came to work sloppily dressed. Couldn’t find the products in your store the customer asked for. Did an awful job of selling your products.? And said things that made the customer walk out the door empty handed!

That second sales person wouldn’t have a job for long, would they? Yet everyday, Amazon entrepreneurs sell their products on pages that do a terrible job of selling their products…

Your Amazon Product Page is Your Salesperson

  • It?s the starting point for your marketing and sales
  • It gets your products found in an Amazon or Google search
  • It’s 100% responsible for getting the buyer to click Add to Cart

It works for you 7x24 selling your products.

  • The page needs to get found on Page 1 of an Amazon search for at least 2-3 TOP buyer searches
  • It must say the RIGHT thing to get the buyer to click through for more information
  • Help the buyer envision and FEEL the benefits they’ll get from buying your product
  • It has to anticipate and answer the product questions the customer’s mind
  • It needs to differentiate your product from a sea of others out there…
  • The page has to use the RIGHT kinds of images to give the buyer an “offline” buying experience allowing them to “touch, feel and experience” all aspects of your product
  • It needs to have the right price, social proof, compelling sales copy and more!

But is your “salesperson” doing its job?

  • You spend time, effort and money sourcing great products…
  • You pin your products to Pinterest, Facebook Ads or send paid traffic to your page
  • But if the page is not converting to sales, all that time, money, and effort is wasted!

If your page is like most Amazon Product Pages, the answer is… No!


99% of Amazon Product Pages are?not optimized for search or sales.


Even worse, the “Amazon Slap” is happening! Amazon is now taking down product pages that violate their terms of service and suspending seller accounts more than ever before.



Amazon Updates Prohibited Seller Activities: Bans Product Review and Sales Rank Manipulation
Amazon has?finally?updated their Prohibited Seller Activities policy page with specific new terms prohibiting two of the most egregious abuses of selling privileges happening in the Amazon Marketplace:

  • Misuse of product reviews
  • Sales Rank manipulation

Amazon is now cracking down on all kinds of policy violations – taking down listings and suspending accounts.

Many of these issues are related to product page violations, including:

  • Title violations
  • Feature Bullet violations
  • Image violations
  • Product description violations
  • Variation listing violations

And while these “Amazon Slaps” have taken many sellers by surprise, it’s been a long-time coming.

The profusion of “black-hat tactics” on Amazon has compromised the credibility of the marketplace, and Amazon is taking action.

So how do you optimize your Amazon Product Page for search and sales success, and stay on the right side of Amazon’s policies?

By knowing the RIGHT way to optimize each of the 12 Zones on the Amazon Product Page!

  • Each Zone on the Amazon Product Page can be optimized to sell more products to more people
  • Optimize specific Zones to get your product found found in top Amazon searches
  • Differentiated to stay three steps ahead of the competition
  • Positioned to keep your Amazon account healthy, by staying on the ?right side of the law?

The Only Step-by-Step?Training that Teaches You How to Optimize the 12 Zones of an Amazon Listing That Sells!

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Amazon Product Page That Sells! will walk you step-by-step through each Zone on the page, giving you the specific details you need to optimize each Zone!

* * This video training series will show you the most current strategies for optimizing your Amazon Product Page, including how to optimize your listings to be in compliance with Amazon’s recent policy changes. * *

Optimizing Your Product Page for Search and Sales

In Video 1 you?ll learn the functions of the Amazon Product Page.? You?ll see why most product pages are barely working at 50% capacity. And?you?ll learn the two criteria every product page must meet, in order to achieve maximum sales.

The 12 Zones of an Amazon Product Page That Sells!

There are 12 ?zones? of an Amazon Product Page that Sells. Most sellers only know about 2 or 3. And 99% of those aren?t optimized?correctly. In this video you?ll learn about the 12 Zones and why each is important.

Product Page Myths, Busted!

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation out there about the Amazon Product Page. In this video we?ll take some of the most popular MYTHS and mistakes people make with their Amazon listings, and give you the straight scoop!

Product Images

A picture may be worth 1000 words, but Amazon Product Page images are worth tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. The most underutilized Zone on the product page, in this video you?ll learn how to use the right kind of images to sell your products.

Product Title

Get this wrong and buyers will never find your product OR click through to get more information! In this video you?ll learn how to create a title that will get your product found in TOP buyer searches, get people to click on your listing to get more information, set your product apart form the competition? ALL while staying withing Amazon?s new Title policies!

How to Know EXACTLY What Keywords Buyers are Using to Find Your Products

To maximize sales, your product page MUST be found in at least 2 or 3 top buyers searches. In this video, you?ll learn exactly how to know what keyword phrases Amazon buyers are using to search for your products.

How to Write Feature Bullets That Sell!

Your Amazon listing has a scant 5 bullets to SELL your product. Yet most Feature Bullets are not written in way that actually sells the product! In this video you?ll learn my 2 step?formula for writing Feature Bullets that sell! Once you know how to do this, you?ll never write a bad Feature Bullet again, and you?ll make it a no brainer for your customer to click ?Add to Cart?!

Your Amazon listing has a scant 5 bullets to SELL your product. Yet most Feature Bullets are not written in way that actually sells the product! In this video you?ll learn my 2 step?formula for writing Feature Bullets that sell! Once you know how to do this, you?ll never write a bad Feature Bullet again, and you?ll make it a no brainer for your customer to click ?Add to Cart?!
I have been revising my product titles this week and am seeing results. Some of the titles were bad and I didn’t realize how bad. Still have some to review, but am seeing sales from those that are done. Melinda Schmitz

Amazon Merchant

Invaluable details! So much I didn’t know about product titles. Patricia Leeb

Amazon Merchant

Love the Zones. This breaks it down step-by-step. Carol Giambri

Product Pricing

Every product has a pricing sweet spot. And it?s not about the race to the bottom. In this video you?ll learn how to find the pricing sweet spot for your product. The price at which you?ll maximize sales and margins. You?ll also learn the science behind different price points and how the type of product you sell impacts the way you price your products.

Winning the Buy Box

86% of all sales go through the Amazon Buy Box. In this video you?ll learn how Amazon assigns the Buy Box and how to optimize your listing (and business) to ensure you get the Buy Box the highest percentage of the time!


If you sell a product with variations, there?s a way to set up your product pages to give your product a huge boost in search.Learn how the right kind of variation listing can immediately increase your sales and your product?s sales rank.


Want your products to get in front of the right buyers on Amazon? Product categorization is key! In this video we?ll talk about how to properly categorize your products and how to avoid a fatal categorization mistake that will render your products invisible.

Product Details

Most sellers skip over this optimization area, but doing so can cause big trouble with the customer due to one common mistake. In this video, you?ll discover how a to optimize this Zone in just a few minutes! ?

Product Description

The Amazon Product Description is your opportunity to give the customers additional information about your product. Yet most people make three BIG mistakes when writing a product description.? Learn how to craft a product description that seals the deal on the sale.

Search Terms Keywords

The Search Term Keywords are the second most important field in getting your product page?found in Amazon search.?There is a specific format to use for the Search Keywords, as well as some important rules to follow to make the most of this critical optimization Zone.

All Offers Page

Learn how a few simple tweaks can make your product stand out from your competitor?s offers!

Product Reviews

The right type of product reviews are like high-octane fuel for your product page. The wrong type of reviews can compromise the credibility of your page and prevent customers from buying.? Additionally, Amazon has just announced a new way of weighting reviews.?In this video, we?ll show you how to get stellar reviews that help make the sale, without breaking Amazon?s policies.

Just follow what Lisa tells you , that’s what I do. She is my guiding light. Since being with her she has taken my sales from 50,000 a year to mid-upper 6 figures. Leslie Kuster

Back from Bali

I setup a multipack for an item and I’ve just sold the first one from my very own?product page?in only a few days. Very happy. Felicity Walker

Another home-run training from Lisa Suttora! She takes an Amazon page, dissects it into “zones”, (never thought about optimizing most of these) and unearths sales strategies in each area. Every time I learn something from her I make money. Brian Hill

Amazon Merchant

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